How to customize your Windows 8

Windows 8 differs from Windows 7, as a matter of fact it differs from many operating systems. Some believe it is hard to customize Windows 8 and is not worth it. New Start menu is somewhat confusing and its main options went to Settings. Here I want to tell you how to customize the Start page if you haven’t figured it out already.
Your messages. Go to the Start page (tap windows logo key) and find the Mail icon – a rectangle with an envelope on it. When the full screen appears wait a few seconds till asked to create your Microsoft account. After that, when you press on that icon again you will be able to connect to your Google account so you can see your mail.


Сhoosing a Keyboard.

The choice of the keyboard depends on the way you use the computer. If it is used mostly for typing then the best choice would be the keyboard that has two separate parts: one for the right hand and another one for the left hand. But it works only if you type with both hands and all the ten fingers are used. If you hold a cup of coffee in one hand and type with the other one it is not going to be very convenient. Actually, the only method of typing that is going to work here is the one where you use all the fingers. If you prefer using computer as a multimedia center or a gaming console then you probably shouldn’t buy this type of keyboard. In this case it is better to buy a regular multimedia keyboard. Multimedia keyboards tend to have a big number of additional keys and they can be switched to the mode where standard keys have different functions. A keyboard may even have a USB port for convenience and the keys can glow in the dark.