Never mention it in your resume

Many people make mistakes writing their resumes. And these mistakes that seem to be unimportant to you may turn to be crucial. So writing your resume be as much attentive as possible. And please pay attention to your grammar and style. No slang and grammar mistakes. Typos and misspelling are not allowed as well.

You should remember that your resume is mainly about your qualification and work experience. Be precise and skip unimportant details. Focus attention on your responsibilities and achievements. It is strange but sometimes job seekers mention the reasons they were fired or left the previous job. Actually no one needs this information.

Don’t be too personal. No one is interested in your private life. It is so strange to write about it but there are people who do it.

Emphasize your skills not needs. You should persuade that they need you because you are highly experienced professional. Sometimes job seekers mention their requirements and wishes. Actually nobody cares what you want or what you need. They just need someone who would do the job. No more.

Ingenious job seekers mention their parents or relatives as a reference. Well, usually it reveals quickly and easily. And it doesn’t work.

If you mention your hobbies in a resume then skip video game playing. I mean I don’t mind people playing the games. But it is not about your qualification and experience. It may worsen the situation. Just keep in mind.

Probably some job seekers are too self-confident. And it is absolutely okay for them to write the following: “The more you pay me the harder I will work”. It is ridiculous and hopefully you realize it.

And please never mention in your resume girls and fun as your hobbies. Gossiping and hanging out are not appropriate as well.

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