Wedding Ceremonies and Marriage Traditions of the World

Every girl awaits for the most important day in her life, a wedding day. She chooses the wedding dress and makes the list of guests. But according to the traditions of various countries she may not be even acquainted with her future husband and be absent from her own wedding ceremony.

  • The official religion of Iran is Islam. It has put some special imprint on the whole ceremony. The man from Iran has the right to marry for four times. However a few men use this opportunity. It’s quite expensive to have four wives as they are to be fed, dressed and entertained. To take the second wife to the family each man should ask his first wife for permission. As a rule he seldom get one.



The Japanese Ambassador Called Back from China

The Japanese Ambassador in the People’s Republic of China Uichiro Niwa was called back to Tokyo for the consulting about the incident connected with the issue of the Senkaky Islands or the Diaoyu Islands as they are called in China.

As the Japanese Kyodo news agency reports the diplomatic official will have to meet the minister of foreign affairs of Japan Koichiro Gemboy and discuss the current situation concerning the Senkaku Islands.


The Problems of Start-up Businessmen

During the recent years there is some activation in the market of the star-up projects investments. But due to the political and economic situation and in the number of cases the mere financial illiteracy the conditions are sometimes not favorable for the start-up businessmen.The start-up business is currently in the middle stage of its evolution. The whole atmosphere for that business is not a bad one but still there are some obstacles for its development.


Сhoosing a Keyboard.

The choice of the keyboard depends on the way you use the computer. If it is used mostly for typing then the best choice would be the keyboard that has two separate parts: one for the right hand and another one for the left hand. But it works only if you type with both hands and all the ten fingers are used. If you hold a cup of coffee in one hand and type with the other one it is not going to be very convenient. Actually, the only method of typing that is going to work here is the one where you use all the fingers. If you prefer using computer as a multimedia center or a gaming console then you probably shouldn’t buy this type of keyboard. In this case it is better to buy a regular multimedia keyboard. Multimedia keyboards tend to have a big number of additional keys and they can be switched to the mode where standard keys have different functions. A keyboard may even have a USB port for convenience and the keys can glow in the dark.


Troubled children.

Sometimes it may seem to you that you are raising a troubled child. Well, begin with stop panicking. It would be challenging for you indeed to raise a troubled kid. But please do not neglect your kid. You are the only one he or she needs right now. Your child needs your support and help even though it seems like it is not so. It would take much time and effort to raise a troubled kid. But it is your kid and you are responsible for everything happens in his or her life. One day you would be exhausted and tired of everything but I’m sure you would be rewarded some time later.


The early years of Rothschild family.

The famous House of Rothschild family is famed for finance and banking development and is supposed to be the richest family house in the world. The family is of a German-Jewish origin. The first mention of the Rothschilds refers to the 16th century. But the Mayer Amschel Rothschild was the first who brought fame to the family and developed the family house. He was born in 1744 in Frankfurt am Mein, Germany. Mayer Rothschild had five sons who later left their father and moved to five European capitals and founded their own businesses over there so that the influence and power of the Rothschilds spread all over Europe. The motto of the family includes the following: Concordia, Integritas, Industria that mean Harmony, Integrity, Industry respectively.


Slow Food Movement vs. Fast Food Society

The modern world makes us face a great amount of different tasks and deal with them all at once. There is no time to sit down and relax or to think another moment or two, or even spend some extra time on eating. That’s why the industry of fast food is so popular in the nowadays society. Like a giant spider, it spreads its McDonald’s, KFS and Sbarro legs all over the world making us forget about healthy and naturally tasting food. However, a couple of decades ago a public movement has appeared which fights for returning the fashion on healthy products.

This movement is called Slow Food and was organized in 1989 in Italy by an Italian journalist Carlo Petrini. Originally it was supported by fifteen countries but now about 150 states promote Slow Food movement. It has its own manifesto which establishes concrete goals of this organization. Among them, for instance, is promoting the use of high quality products, explaining the damage caused by fast food, encouraging farming on the local and international levels, preserving the traditions and uniqueness of national cuisine and anti-standardization of taste.