My new favorite video.

Recently I was browsing through YouTube and I found this music video. From its very first seconds I understood clearly that that was something unreal and just pure magical to me. The name of the band is Gus Gus, I can’t really say that their style is something that I usually listen to but still I am so much deeply in love with these guys from Iceland! Hope you enjoy their awesome music as much as I do!

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The Richest People and Their Success Stories

On the way to becoming rich there are a lot of obstacles to be overcome, but there’s no point to stop and dwell on the problems because the financial freedom and well-being worth all the efforts taken. The stories of people who have managed to walk this uneasy way will help you to move towards your goal with all the strength and stamina.

In 2010 Mukesh Ambani occupied the fourth position in the list of the world’s richest people according to the version of Forbs. His estate was surpassing the one of Bill Gates that time for more than billion USD. Last year he appeared on the seventh line.

Mukesh Ambani was born in 1957 in Mumbai, India. He is the head of a leading oil corporation Reliance Industries Ltd, the owner of the 27-storied skyscraper Antilia and the largest private detached house of the 400 thousand meters square. Though his estate has decreased during the recent years the Forbs states that he is likely to become the richest person of the planet by the year 2014.


When Sport Turns into Art.

I do not go in for sport and wasn’t interested in it pretty much. I never root for baseball or basketball teams during different championships. I’m not very big fan of all these things. Even more I’m very indifferent to it and do not understand my friends who from time to time go nuts when their favorite teams lose. For them sometimes it is a disaster and for me it is just nothing at all.

To tell the truth the only thing that can really interest and intrigue me is sport turning into art; when sport is not just mere competition but representation of beauty, elegance and grace of human’s body. When it happens I’m ready to spend hours watching and admiring it. So I was cunning a little bit telling you that I’m indifferent to sport. I’m interested in some sports.


Learning a language

When we study at school we learn a lot. We have to memorize a lot of data, we have a plenty of subjects. I was a good student, but when I graduated I realized I knew surprisingly little about geography, languages and even about my home country! It really made me reconsider some stuff. I opened a map, started reading books about how the country expanded and where the names of the cities came from. It turned out to be very interesting. And the more I learned, the more ignorant I felt. In the beginning. I couldn’t believe there were so many things that I didn’t now.

And I recommend you to do the same. What is it you are bad at? What about all the books you were supposed to read at school? How about you start reading them? Believe me, when you learn new things, it seems that the whole world expands.

Take a foreign language for instance. Learning the new language does make your world bigger.