Facts about Japanese education.

For many of us some facts about Japanese education seem to be very unusual. Let’s see what are the specific features of the Japanese education which differ from European and American education systems.

Some goal-seeking and industrious Japanese students may attend cram schools at night. The school year in Japan starts as the rule in April not in fall as we used to. In Japan children begin to attend school at the age of 6-year-old. A school year is divided in three semesters separated by vacations. In fact summer vacation is pretty short in Japan. Usually it lasts 40 days. As for the winter and spring vacations they last 10 days each. Classes start at 8. 30 a.m and end up at 3. 00 p.m.

Students who attend private schools have to pay tuition. In fact parents have to pay for children even if they attend public schools. They have to pay for lunches, books and supplies as well. At average it takes over $ 3000 a year. Obviously they have to pay much more for children if they attend private schools.

The most common and known fact about Japanese schools concerns the fact that all the students have to wear uniform. Of course not many would like it. So there are different uniforms for summer and wintertime. Moreover students are not allowed to dye their hair. In fact the rules are extremely rigorous. Girls are forbidden to wear make-up and nail polish. Also in some schools it is not allowed to wear accessorizes. The only accessorizes they may wear are watches.

The system of school buses is not common in Japan. As the rule children attend schools of their own district so buses are simply needless. Also it is not common for parents to drive their children to schools as they are located nearby.

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