How Does Laser Work

Laser chemistry is aimed to study the chemical processes which are stimulated by the laser radiation. The crucial part is performed by laser as it not only stimulates and launches the processes but defines the chemical alternation of the tissues with its special characteristics. “Laser” is the term which is originated from the phrase “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. Though many average people who are not much into science and stuff may consider the full form rather frightening the word “laser” doesn’t cause any unpleasant associations.

The high monochromasy of the laser radiation allows to activate the molecules of one and the sane type selectively. The molecules of other types remain non-excited. The opportunity to focus the laser radiation allows to supply the separate areas of the tissue with the energy. This energy goes to the certain area of the tissues without spreading to the other parts of its. The part of the tissue to be subjected to laser effects is usually filled with the reacting agent performing the function of catalyst to make the reaction process go more rapidly.

Laser may have either warmth or light effect upon the chemical reactions. The last one is commonly called “the photochemical effect”. With the warmth effect the reacting mixture quickly gets warmer which allows the energy to spread evenly on all the energy intervals of the reacting molecules. The advantages of laser warming is the possibility to carry the energy in the required place of the substance rapidly and to avoid the non-desired contact of the reagents with the hot surface of the chemical reactor. Along with this the local temperature of the reacting mixture may reach the point of 1 000 degrees Centigrade which can hardly be reached using the other method of warming.

The photochemical effect of laser provides the possibility to reach the concentration of the excited reacting molecules which exceeds the equilibrium value of the current temperature.

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