How to customize your Windows 8

Windows 8 differs from Windows 7, as a matter of fact it differs from many operating systems. Some believe it is hard to customize Windows 8 and is not worth it. New Start menu is somewhat confusing and its main options went to Settings. Here I want to tell you how to customize the Start page if you haven’t figured it out already.
Your messages. Go to the Start page (tap windows logo key) and find the Mail icon – a rectangle with an envelope on it. When the full screen appears wait a few seconds till asked to create your Microsoft account. After that, when you press on that icon again you will be able to connect to your Google account so you can see your mail.

Your videos, pictures and music. If you have music and videos, simply add them to corresponding folders on your hard drive. Click on the app icons and select videos and audios you want to listen – it is going to be your shortcut. Add pictures to your Pictures folder so they are visible in the Photos icon instead of the blue background.
Calendar. To set up your calendar, go to your desktop and click on time in the bottom left hand corner. Set up a date and time so your calendar shows the right date.
Weather. Click on the Weather icon, wait a few seconds and choose a country and a city where you live. BTW: when you create your Microsoft account, make sure to enter the right zip code. After you specify your location in Weather, that icon is going to show how many degrees there is outside and whether or not it’s raining.
News. This one is easy. Click on the icon, and it will enable the news.
Your profile picture. For that you will be asked to create a Microsoft account (if you haven’t already), it won’t take much time. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner and choose Change Account Picture. Select a picture. For that you have to have pictures in your Pictures Folder!
The result: When you open Start Menu, you will see news titles in the News window, weather in the Weather window, your pictures will switch automatically in the Photos window, Calendar will tell you the date and day of the week, Mail window will show how many new messages you have and from whom. Arrange all these icons the way you want in order to have easy access to such programs as Skype, Adobe and Google Chrome (or whatever browser you have). Your Start Menu is customized, dance because a little party never killed nobody!
P.S. To remove gadgets from the start menu, right click on them and select Delete from the blue menu bar at the bottom of the page.

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