How Does Laser Work

Laser chemistry is aimed to study the chemical processes which are stimulated by the laser radiation. The crucial part is performed by laser as it not only stimulates and launches the processes but defines the chemical alternation of the tissues with its special characteristics. “Laser” is the term which is originated from the phrase “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. Though many average people who are not much into science and stuff may consider the full form rather frightening the word “laser” doesn’t cause any unpleasant associations.



Facts about Japanese education.

For many of us some facts about Japanese education seem to be very unusual. Let’s see what are the specific features of the Japanese education which differ from European and American education systems.

Some goal-seeking and industrious Japanese students may attend cram schools at night. The school year in Japan starts as the rule in April not in fall as we used to. In Japan children begin to attend school at the age of 6-year-old. A school year is divided in three semesters separated by vacations. In fact summer vacation is pretty short in Japan. Usually it lasts 40 days. As for the winter and spring vacations they last 10 days each. Classes start at 8. 30 a.m and end up at 3. 00 p.m.


School segregation.

Usually segregation refers to racial inequality. Segregation in the US schools is believed to be more widespread today than it was some 50 years ago. Thus the number of African-American students in Michigan schools dominates over students of other races and nationalities. It means that each racial group has its distinct style of clothing, preferences in music, art and social activities. For some distinct reasons students in American schools prefer to stay separated. And of course it causes many serious problems.


Troubled children.

Sometimes it may seem to you that you are raising a troubled child. Well, begin with stop panicking. It would be challenging for you indeed to raise a troubled kid. But please do not neglect your kid. You are the only one he or she needs right now. Your child needs your support and help even though it seems like it is not so. It would take much time and effort to raise a troubled kid. But it is your kid and you are responsible for everything happens in his or her life. One day you would be exhausted and tired of everything but I’m sure you would be rewarded some time later.


Learning a language

When we study at school we learn a lot. We have to memorize a lot of data, we have a plenty of subjects. I was a good student, but when I graduated I realized I knew surprisingly little about geography, languages and even about my home country! It really made me reconsider some stuff. I opened a map, started reading books about how the country expanded and where the names of the cities came from. It turned out to be very interesting. And the more I learned, the more ignorant I felt. In the beginning. I couldn’t believe there were so many things that I didn’t now.

And I recommend you to do the same. What is it you are bad at? What about all the books you were supposed to read at school? How about you start reading them? Believe me, when you learn new things, it seems that the whole world expands.

Take a foreign language for instance. Learning the new language does make your world bigger.