Political Influence of Mormones

The latter-day saints is a powerful religious ans social community that has much influence not only in the US but in the whole world. If you chance to visit Salt-Lake city which is the capital of traditional Mormons you will be surprised by the large number of beautiful buildings, banks and offices. Everything is decorated and built they way to strike the imagination. Gold and marble is covering the street constructions. The whole city is full with the sculptures depicting Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. But all that looks too pompous for a city with the population less than 200 thousand people. There are a number of colleges and business schools in Salt-Lake city as well as the Utah University. Sal-Lake city also has its own ballet, opera house, several theaters and the wide-known choir of Mormons.



School segregation.

Usually segregation refers to racial inequality. Segregation in the US schools is believed to be more widespread today than it was some 50 years ago. Thus the number of African-American students in Michigan schools dominates over students of other races and nationalities. It means that each racial group has its distinct style of clothing, preferences in music, art and social activities. For some distinct reasons students in American schools prefer to stay separated. And of course it causes many serious problems.


The Problems of Start-up Businessmen

During the recent years there is some activation in the market of the star-up projects investments. But due to the political and economic situation and in the number of cases the mere financial illiteracy the conditions are sometimes not favorable for the start-up businessmen.The start-up business is currently in the middle stage of its evolution. The whole atmosphere for that business is not a bad one but still there are some obstacles for its development.


Slow Food Movement vs. Fast Food Society

The modern world makes us face a great amount of different tasks and deal with them all at once. There is no time to sit down and relax or to think another moment or two, or even spend some extra time on eating. That’s why the industry of fast food is so popular in the nowadays society. Like a giant spider, it spreads its McDonald’s, KFS and Sbarro legs all over the world making us forget about healthy and naturally tasting food. However, a couple of decades ago a public movement has appeared which fights for returning the fashion on healthy products.

This movement is called Slow Food and was organized in 1989 in Italy by an Italian journalist Carlo Petrini. Originally it was supported by fifteen countries but now about 150 states promote Slow Food movement. It has its own manifesto which establishes concrete goals of this organization. Among them, for instance, is promoting the use of high quality products, explaining the damage caused by fast food, encouraging farming on the local and international levels, preserving the traditions and uniqueness of national cuisine and anti-standardization of taste.