The World’s Weirdest Sports Contests

The Olympic slogan “sifter, higher, stronger” pronounced by Pierre di Coubertin is familiar to every person even if he or she doesn’t go in for sports. Let us use this quotation as a classification for the most weird sport contests in the world.

  • So, the first one is “swifter”. The honor to open the list gets the cycling race across the marshes. The participants are supplied with mountain bikes with their tires and frames filled with water and diving masks. The racers are to make their way through the trench 40 meters long which is full of liquid filth and ooze. The rules are simple the first prize will be given to the one who comes first.



When Sport Turns into Art.

I do not go in for sport and wasn’t interested in it pretty much. I never root for baseball or basketball teams during different championships. I’m not very big fan of all these things. Even more I’m very indifferent to it and do not understand my friends who from time to time go nuts when their favorite teams lose. For them sometimes it is a disaster and for me it is just nothing at all.

To tell the truth the only thing that can really interest and intrigue me is sport turning into art; when sport is not just mere competition but representation of beauty, elegance and grace of human’s body. When it happens I’m ready to spend hours watching and admiring it. So I was cunning a little bit telling you that I’m indifferent to sport. I’m interested in some sports.