The Difficulties of Cross-Cultural Marriage

The marriage of the two people who belong to different cultural backgrounds are not a rare phenomenon today. I know a lot of happy families who serve as the examples of the common belief that the two people of various nationalities and cultures supplement to each other’s experience and make each other’s life views wider. But apart from the fact that many people live happily there are still many tragedies connected with the mutual misunderstandings of the people from different social backgrounds.



The World’s Weirdest Sports Contests

The Olympic slogan “sifter, higher, stronger” pronounced by Pierre di Coubertin is familiar to every person even if he or she doesn’t go in for sports. Let us use this quotation as a classification for the most weird sport contests in the world.

  • So, the first one is “swifter”. The honor to open the list gets the cycling race across the marshes. The participants are supplied with mountain bikes with their tires and frames filled with water and diving masks. The racers are to make their way through the trench 40 meters long which is full of liquid filth and ooze. The rules are simple the first prize will be given to the one who comes first.


Wedding Ceremonies and Marriage Traditions of the World

Every girl awaits for the most important day in her life, a wedding day. She chooses the wedding dress and makes the list of guests. But according to the traditions of various countries she may not be even acquainted with her future husband and be absent from her own wedding ceremony.

  • The official religion of Iran is Islam. It has put some special imprint on the whole ceremony. The man from Iran has the right to marry for four times. However a few men use this opportunity. It’s quite expensive to have four wives as they are to be fed, dressed and entertained. To take the second wife to the family each man should ask his first wife for permission. As a rule he seldom get one.


The Richest People and Their Success Stories

On the way to becoming rich there are a lot of obstacles to be overcome, but there’s no point to stop and dwell on the problems because the financial freedom and well-being worth all the efforts taken. The stories of people who have managed to walk this uneasy way will help you to move towards your goal with all the strength and stamina.

In 2010 Mukesh Ambani occupied the fourth position in the list of the world’s richest people according to the version of Forbs. His estate was surpassing the one of Bill Gates that time for more than billion USD. Last year he appeared on the seventh line.

Mukesh Ambani was born in 1957 in Mumbai, India. He is the head of a leading oil corporation Reliance Industries Ltd, the owner of the 27-storied skyscraper Antilia and the largest private detached house of the 400 thousand meters square. Though his estate has decreased during the recent years the Forbs states that he is likely to become the richest person of the planet by the year 2014.