The Difficulties of Cross-Cultural Marriage

The marriage of the two people who belong to different cultural backgrounds are not a rare phenomenon today. I know a lot of happy families who serve as the examples of the common belief that the two people of various nationalities and cultures supplement to each other’s experience and make each other’s life views wider. But apart from the fact that many people live happily there are still many tragedies connected with the mutual misunderstandings of the people from different social backgrounds.



Troubled children.

Sometimes it may seem to you that you are raising a troubled child. Well, begin with stop panicking. It would be challenging for you indeed to raise a troubled kid. But please do not neglect your kid. You are the only one he or she needs right now. Your child needs your support and help even though it seems like it is not so. It would take much time and effort to raise a troubled kid. But it is your kid and you are responsible for everything happens in his or her life. One day you would be exhausted and tired of everything but I’m sure you would be rewarded some time later.