Never mention it in your resume

Many people make mistakes writing their resumes. And these mistakes that seem to be unimportant to you may turn to be crucial. So writing your resume be as much attentive as possible. And please pay attention to your grammar and style. No slang and grammar mistakes. Typos and misspelling are not allowed as well.

You should remember that your resume is mainly about your qualification and work experience. Be precise and skip unimportant details. Focus attention on your responsibilities and achievements. It is strange but sometimes job seekers mention the reasons they were fired or left the previous job. Actually no one needs this information.



The Problems of Start-up Businessmen

During the recent years there is some activation in the market of the star-up projects investments. But due to the political and economic situation and in the number of cases the mere financial illiteracy the conditions are sometimes not favorable for the start-up businessmen.The start-up business is currently in the middle stage of its evolution. The whole atmosphere for that business is not a bad one but still there are some obstacles for its development.


The Richest People and Their Success Stories

On the way to becoming rich there are a lot of obstacles to be overcome, but there’s no point to stop and dwell on the problems because the financial freedom and well-being worth all the efforts taken. The stories of people who have managed to walk this uneasy way will help you to move towards your goal with all the strength and stamina.

In 2010 Mukesh Ambani occupied the fourth position in the list of the world’s richest people according to the version of Forbs. His estate was surpassing the one of Bill Gates that time for more than billion USD. Last year he appeared on the seventh line.

Mukesh Ambani was born in 1957 in Mumbai, India. He is the head of a leading oil corporation Reliance Industries Ltd, the owner of the 27-storied skyscraper Antilia and the largest private detached house of the 400 thousand meters square. Though his estate has decreased during the recent years the Forbs states that he is likely to become the richest person of the planet by the year 2014.