The World’s Weirdest Sports Contests

The Olympic slogan “sifter, higher, stronger” pronounced by Pierre di Coubertin is familiar to every person even if he or she doesn’t go in for sports. Let us use this quotation as a classification for the most weird sport contests in the world.

  • So, the first one is “swifter”. The honor to open the list gets the cycling race across the marshes. The participants are supplied with mountain bikes with their tires and frames filled with water and diving masks. The racers are to make their way through the trench 40 meters long which is full of liquid filth and ooze. The rules are simple the first prize will be given to the one who comes first.

  • Another “non-Olympic” kind of sport in this category is the marathon “Human vs Horse” which is held annually in a small Welsh town Llanwrtyd Wells. The first peg to begin this strange competition was a mere pint of beer. The visitors of a local bar had a bet if one of their mates would shoot ahead his horse. Since then every year 500 runners and 40 horses are to scoot along the track which is 35 kilometers long. One of the participants named Luv Hobb have won the competition in 2004 and still remains the only person who has managed to shoot a horse ahead.
  • In the next category, “higher”, the throwing of cell phones may get the title of the most weird sport contest. The world record of the most powerful cell phone pitch is 90 meters.

  • The last category is “stronger”. As a rule the power lifting brings the associations with cold metal weights. But there are more attractive weights that may be used as sports equipments, such as tree trunks, stones and women. In Finland the contest of wife lifting is a national entertainment. It is originated from the Finnish tradition. The young man had not only to make a proposal to his beloved but also to steal her from the house.
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