5 Ways to Look Beautiful After Hot Summer

During summer sun and heat will inevitably have the negative effect for the state of your nails, skin and hair. When summer is over we still want to look healthy and beautiful. But how to retain nice golden shade of sun tan and fresh complexion and get rid of the unpleasant aftereffects, such as hair dryness, facial skin dehydration and yellow color of nails? Here are 10 tips that will help you to stay fresh and rested and diminish the negative impact.

  • Get rid of red shade of your hair. Have you dyed or highlighted hair acquired reddish shade after sunbathing? Don’t blame your hairdresser. The famous stylist Mort Westman explains that direct sun beams destroy the pigment that human hair contain. The color get dull and reddish shades appear. Pink shampoo and violet conditioner will return your hair its rich and deep color. Blue and purple styling mousse will make your hair look like Jennifer Aniston’s streak but not like Price Harry’s one.
  • Repair your skin. Hot and bright sun beams damage the collagen inside the deeper layers of our skin. That’s why after the vacation spent at the sea shore the facial thin skin reminds of a shrunk balloon. Leslie Bauman, the dermatologist consulting Keira Nightley, advises to apply a thick layer of collagen cream and leave it for several minutes. That massage your face and neck for ten minutes and go to bed. Repeat this procedure for two weeks.
  • Ultraviolet forces the process of skin pigmentation. The plastic surgeon Charles Boyd suggests to use retinol cream which will make your skin look smoother and lighter.

  • If you got burnt immediately apply panthenol cream. Avoid sun the next day and use the moisture balm with aloe vera.
  • Hollywood hair stylist David Babaii always notices when his blonde clients have spent too much time swimming in the pool. Their hair acquire greenish shade. He advises to use deep cleaning shampoo for a week to get rid of chlorides that give this odd color.
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