Foods that can help your brain and reduce stress.

Being a businessman / a boss / an average employer may be hard. You are constantly tired, sleepy, stressed or even angry. That causes problems both: in personal life and at work. But there are things that can help you deal with stress, make your mind clearer and help you focus.

How To Deal With Stress.

Stress causes the output of adrenalin and is harmful for your body. Mild stress is perfectly normal for your system, but if you are stressed most of the time, measures are to be taken.

Here are a few drinks that will help you deal with stress:

1 – Warm Milk. You should take it every day in order to decrease the stress. It also helps metabolism, calcium, potassium, magnesium work for your good too.

2 – Green Tea. It is a known fact that green tea is very good for health. It helps your brain relax and get rid of the feeling of distress.

3 – Hot Chocolate. Hot drinks warm your body and make you feel more comfortable. Besides, chocolate is known as a drink that brings your spirits high.

4 – Black Tea. If you drink a lot of coffee, try drinking black tea once in a while. It is not as good for you as green tea, but it reduces hormone cortisol.

5 – Cold Water. Cold water is a drink that is always available, no matter where you are. After you drink cold water, you need to get some fresh air. Once the water is in your system if you get fresh air it will increase the output of endorphin’s hormones. That will lower the stress level and make your mind clear. It will also help you wake up if you are sleepy.

If you are exhausted.

If you are exhausted do not drink any energy drinks. They will help you stay active a few hours, but then you will fell even more exhausted. Besides, they are bad for your heart and you never know how your body reacts.

1 – Cranberry will help your brain work better, and will help you to focus.

2 – Blueberry is great for your eyesight and hearing.

3 – Beet and cabbage help your metabolism so you feel better.

4 – Fish for your brain – only salmon, tuna, sardine, and herring.

5 – Such products as cottage cheese, nuts (preferably walnut), apricots halves, and dark chocolate (70% and more) will help your brainwork too.

Take care!

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