School segregation.

Usually segregation refers to racial inequality. Segregation in the US schools is believed to be more widespread today than it was some 50 years ago. Thus the number of African-American students in Michigan schools dominates over students of other races and nationalities. It means that each racial group has its distinct style of clothing, preferences in music, art and social activities. For some distinct reasons students in American schools prefer to stay separated. And of course it causes many serious problems.

Evidently racial segregation in schools lead to professional and residential segregation. And it’s just never-ending circle. Team games at schools do not consolidate players. Instead of it white students prefer to vote for white captains and non-white students usually vote for non-white captains. Being among “others” kids of those very distinct groups feel themselves insecure. Later they face problems at work. They accept themselves as different and they believe that others also see them as different. It means that nowadays chances are pretty high that the situation would get worse.

According to statistics the most segregated schools are located in California and Texas. Kids do not know their rights and live in accordance with their own rules. Teachers in many cases neglect their needs; those kids as the rule are brought up in single-parent families. Many of them are involved in criminal gangs.

In fact children are not ready and have no enough skills to enter colleges and get appropriate jobs. Unfortunately the number of segregated schools in the United States increases. And the situation in rural areas is much worse. The authorities neglect some facts concerning the American system of education. Many American schools, especially segregated are kept in terrible conditions. Students do not have enough textbooks. Quite often students have to share textbooks with their classmates. Needless to say that some schools lack for simple facilities. Children of those schools do not learn foreign languages, do not go in for sports, are less interested in arts and culture. As the result students of segregated schools are less motivated. It means that children are not equal and students of segregated schools do not have access to proper higher education and well-paid positions. And of course children realize that they are treated unequaly. Of course it depends on them. But it is easier said than done. It turns out that segregated school “system” is just a part of a bigger social problem concerning racial issues.

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