How to customize your Windows 8

Windows 8 differs from Windows 7, as a matter of fact it differs from many operating systems. Some believe it is hard to customize Windows 8 and is not worth it. New Start menu is somewhat confusing and its main options went to Settings. Here I want to tell you how to customize the Start page if you haven’t figured it out already.
Your messages. Go to the Start page (tap windows logo key) and find the Mail icon – a rectangle with an envelope on it. When the full screen appears wait a few seconds till asked to create your Microsoft account. After that, when you press on that icon again you will be able to connect to your Google account so you can see your mail.
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The Difficulties of Cross-Cultural Marriage

The marriage of the two people who belong to different cultural backgrounds are not a rare phenomenon today. I know a lot of happy families who serve as the examples of the common belief that the two people of various nationalities and cultures supplement to each other’s experience and make each other’s life views wider. But apart from the fact that many people live happily there are still many tragedies connected with the mutual misunderstandings of the people from different social backgrounds.

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Never mention it in your resume

Many people make mistakes writing their resumes. And these mistakes that seem to be unimportant to you may turn to be crucial. So writing your resume be as much attentive as possible. And please pay attention to your grammar and style. No slang and grammar mistakes. Typos and misspelling are not allowed as well.

You should remember that your resume is mainly about your qualification and work experience. Be precise and skip unimportant details. Focus attention on your responsibilities and achievements. It is strange but sometimes job seekers mention the reasons they were fired or left the previous job. Actually no one needs this information.

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How Does Laser Work

Laser chemistry is aimed to study the chemical processes which are stimulated by the laser radiation. The crucial part is performed by laser as it not only stimulates and launches the processes but defines the chemical alternation of the tissues with its special characteristics. “Laser” is the term which is originated from the phrase “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. Though many average people who are not much into science and stuff may consider the full form rather frightening the word “laser” doesn’t cause any unpleasant associations.

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Facts about Japanese education.

For many of us some facts about Japanese education seem to be very unusual. Let’s see what are the specific features of the Japanese education which differ from European and American education systems.

Some goal-seeking and industrious Japanese students may attend cram schools at night. The school year in Japan starts as the rule in April not in fall as we used to. In Japan children begin to attend school at the age of 6-year-old. A school year is divided in three semesters separated by vacations. In fact summer vacation is pretty short in Japan. Usually it lasts 40 days. As for the winter and spring vacations they last 10 days each. Classes start at 8. 30 a.m and end up at 3. 00 p.m.

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The World’s Weirdest Sports Contests

The Olympic slogan “sifter, higher, stronger” pronounced by Pierre di Coubertin is familiar to every person even if he or she doesn’t go in for sports. Let us use this quotation as a classification for the most weird sport contests in the world.

  • So, the first one is “swifter”. The honor to open the list gets the cycling race across the marshes. The participants are supplied with mountain bikes with their tires and frames filled with water and diving masks. The racers are to make their way through the trench 40 meters long which is full of liquid filth and ooze. The rules are simple the first prize will be given to the one who comes first.

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Political Influence of Mormones

The latter-day saints is a powerful religious ans social community that has much influence not only in the US but in the whole world. If you chance to visit Salt-Lake city which is the capital of traditional Mormons you will be surprised by the large number of beautiful buildings, banks and offices. Everything is decorated and built they way to strike the imagination. Gold and marble is covering the street constructions. The whole city is full with the sculptures depicting Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. But all that looks too pompous for a city with the population less than 200 thousand people. There are a number of colleges and business schools in Salt-Lake city as well as the Utah University. Sal-Lake city also has its own ballet, opera house, several theaters and the wide-known choir of Mormons.

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5 Ways to Look Beautiful After Hot Summer

During summer sun and heat will inevitably have the negative effect for the state of your nails, skin and hair. When summer is over we still want to look healthy and beautiful. But how to retain nice golden shade of sun tan and fresh complexion and get rid of the unpleasant aftereffects, such as hair dryness, facial skin dehydration and yellow color of nails? Here are 10 tips that will help you to stay fresh and rested and diminish the negative impact.

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Foods that can help your brain and reduce stress.

Being a businessman / a boss / an average employer may be hard. You are constantly tired, sleepy, stressed or even angry. That causes problems both: in personal life and at work. But there are things that can help you deal with stress, make your mind clearer and help you focus.

How To Deal With Stress.

Stress causes the output of adrenalin and is harmful for your body. Mild stress is perfectly normal for your system, but if you are stressed most of the time, measures are to be taken.

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School segregation.

Usually segregation refers to racial inequality. Segregation in the US schools is believed to be more widespread today than it was some 50 years ago. Thus the number of African-American students in Michigan schools dominates over students of other races and nationalities. It means that each racial group has its distinct style of clothing, preferences in music, art and social activities. For some distinct reasons students in American schools prefer to stay separated. And of course it causes many serious problems.

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